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Step into a sanctuary of soulful resonance, where each session becomes a sacred pilgrimage. Within the sound of awakening, my unique sound healing style unfolds, infusing the ethereal tones of live vocals with healing frequencies. This harmonious convergence creates a sacred space for your spiritual exploration.


Journey with me through realms where the vibrational language of sound intertwines with the sacred art of guided imagery. Experience the transcendence of ancient wisdom and modern healing as they converge, weaving a tapestry that elevates your spiritual journey.

Join sound of awakening, where the celestial dance of healing frequencies and soulful vibrations invites you to rediscover the depths of your spiritual self.

If you have 30 minutes and are interested in understanding how sound works,  global/centuries old beliefs behind it, and how we are built to receive sound then check out the video below!


Hadas Testimonial
I recently had the opportunity to experience an incredible sound healing session with Brit
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Booked by appointment or event only

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