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Available Music

How This Music Works

Welcome to the behind-the-scenes of my music creation process.

Each song starts with carefully chosen notes that blend together to create specific harmonic frequencies. Then I layer in beautiful instruments that add to the ambient sounds you hear, again adjusting the notes and frequencies to whatever specifics I've chosen for that song. I fine-tune them to create a particular kind of sound, adjusting their frequencies to make sure they resonate just right.

It's a bit like tuning an instrument to get the perfect pitch.

Now, here's the extra fun part: I get to add my voice to the mix, not just singing words but using it like another instrument. I let my feelings and instincts guide me to create sounds that match the frequencies I've already set. It's like painting with sounds!

In the end, it's about blending these different frequencies and emotions to craft music that not only sounds good but also carries a deep and meaningful resonance. These songs are mastered to specific solfeggio frequencies. You can listen to them while you sleep, meditate, work, etc and your body, mind and soul will experience the healing power of sound. 

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